Need Cisco Secure ACS Server???

sdk200eightsdk200eight Registered Users Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
Need some information regarding Cisco Secure ACS Server. When I tried to download it from the cisco website it indicates that Service contract should be associated with my CISCO ID and it won't let me download it without the contracticon_sad.gif. If I need to purchase the service contract how will it cost me and can't I get the evaluation versiong of CISCO ACS without that.icon_wink.gif

I need ACS for CCNA security and for my project work.icon_study.gif


  • QHaloQHalo Member Posts: 1,488
    ACS is not a requirement to pass CCNA Security nor is it on the blueprint even though the book discusses configuration (very limited configuration I might add as ACS is a deep subject). I would concern myself more with the TACACS+ and RADIUS protocols, which can be tested with free tools, rather than obtaining and setting up ACS. It requires a valid agreement to download. If you need it for a project, perhaps it should be made available to you by the project coordinator?
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