cisco 4 a/s to wic-1t

ok, so I just picked up another 2610XM and it came with a serial 4 a/s card. I am thinking of hooking this into the network and connecting to one of my other 2610XM's via a wic-1t i have to get one of the Back to Back DCE/DTE DB60 Crossover Cable

. other than a slower link speed what else would this impact in the form of protocols, etc.... ??? icon_confused.gif:
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "serial is serial is serial". No differing protocols, etc, just speed.

    Make sure you pay attention to which side is DCE/DTE and that the DCE gets the "clock rate" set. D"clockrate"E. D"terminal"E (terminal = dumb device) is a crude way to remember it.
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    yeah on the DCE/DTE clock rate issue, I just wanted to make sure that I would not be losing anything other than speed with teh 4 A/S card.... I never messed with one before and didn't want to mess with it if I was losing some protocols in the mix...
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    Yea I have a serial 4 a/s module in a 3620 that I use as my frame relay switch for labs. You're correct you need the serial crossover cable. Make sure you're getting the right one i.e. db-60 to db-60, which is what you need to connect to your wic-1t.. or a db-60 to smart serial cable if you're going to a wic-2t.

    And don't worry, you won't lose any protocols all of tcp/ip can run over serial. Most of the way the protocols run will depend on what encapsulation you're using with it. For example, running frame relay will change the way ospf and other routing protocols will function compared to when using ppp or hdlc.
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