Article: IPv4 Subnetting TechNotes

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    great work...
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    Webmaster, you use the subnet /25 as an example. It's my interpretation that you cannot have a single character network ID extension forcing you to start subnetting at /26 for a standard class C address. Am I misinterpreting something here?
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    webmaster this calculator is simply gr8 i found many but this is the best of the best thankyouicon_cool.gif
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    luv it !!!
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    Thanks helpfull
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    thnx really helpful for me
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    Webmaster you helped me a lot brother, Fine i missed ma first IP Subnetting class icon_sad.gif Now i've got this :D
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    nice topic and better understand
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    its awesome notes
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    great notes
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    In the example shouldn't it be set the host bits to "one" instead of "....To determine the broadcast address all you need to do is set all host bits to ‘zero’."
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    This software, a calculator for getting accurate I is very good but also, don't forget to understand the basics in subnetting because if you understand the basic in subnetting, you may also easily understand what the IP Calculator results for every IP's.
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    very helpful!! nice topic
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    God Bless you richly. You're a big big blessing to my life. Thank you so much. Ori re ko ni buru o.
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    tnx for this nice input..Job well done.
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    Just want to say thanks.
    This is of great help for my CCNA class.
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    This is fantastic, just started studying for my CCNA and this is a great help!
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    This is a good article thanks Webmaster
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