How many sims should I expect on ICND 2?

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I'm trying to customize some real live scnerios with Boson ex - sim for my upcoming exam and was wondering how many sims did anyone who took the ICND2 / CCNA have? Hopefully someone can give me some leads without violating NDA, just want to know how many drag and drops vs command line sims vs configuration sims


  • alan2308alan2308 Senior Member Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 1,854Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    We can't tell you how many of this and how many of that we saw. It might be different for you than it was for me anyway.
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    The number of sims/simlets shouldn't matter if you are well prepared. Just make sure to read the directions carefully and try to take no more than 10 minutes solving each one.

    A tip... review the syllabus and any section that contains the works "Configure, verify, and troubleshoot" may be a great candidate to lab an extra time or two. The syllabus can be found here:
    CCIE Sec: Starting Nov 11
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