Setup Linksys WRT54GP2 with CISCO 3640

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but mods feel free to move. I am running my home network on Cisco Enterprise equipment - a 2950 Catalyst and a 3640 Router. I have NAT setup and DHCP and all is well there but I have been having a major headache with a Linksys WRT54GP2 Router. FYI, this is a VOIP Router and I have two Phones connected. I am only using it for the Phone, i.e. I am not using the Routing, DHCP, NAT or Wi-Fi functions.

The Problem is the Phone Service just barely works. If I plug the WRT LAN Port into the 2950, the Phone doesn't work. If I plug the WRT Internet Port into the 2950, the Phone Works but the service has drop outs/delays etc. If I plug both Ports in, the Switch disables one of the Switch Ports - ERR DISABLED. Now all the VOIP Services is running on the WRT and goes to SIP Providers on the Internet like RYNGA, etc. At the moment, the WRT Internet Port is connected to fa 0/3 on the Switch and there are some errors:

I should also say I can't ping the WRT on the LAN but can Ping all other devices. All ports are in VLAN 1. I am not running a Routing Protocol on the LAN but rather have a single default static route. Maybe this is a crazy assumption but is this a routing problem?

Here's a basic overview of the Net Topology:

Any ideas of what I should try would be very helpful as outside of it being a Routing issue I am not sure where to look.
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