Boson or Transcender virutal labs?

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To supplement my study with Todd Lammle INCD1 study book, I am considering using Boson or Transcender virtual labs. I have never used software from either company and I am hoping someone can recommend one to me. Also, anyone know if the Transcender practice and questions for the INCD1 are helpful?

Thanks for any feedback.


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    I have used both for almost every exam I have taken. The Transcender exams are good and sometimes cover material that is out of the scope of the exam. The Boson exams are very good and use pretty much the same test engine. If you want to have practice questions that look and feel like what you will see on the real exam, use Boson.
  • Jason RJason R Posts: 34Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the feedback sharkdiver. I looked into the Boson virutal simulator a little more, and it looks very impressive....
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    I've used both, and like both. I used Transcender almost exclusively for my A+, Net+, CCNA and all my CCNP exams (back when it was 4 exams), and only one exam did I feel not adequately prepare me for the real thing. Transcender's questions were typically harder than the real exam, and the extra information they provided after the questions was very helpful in explaining why the correct answer was correct. If I could score around 90% on a Transcender exam, I knew I was ready for the real thing.

    For the CCIE written, Transcender didn't offer a product, so I was forced to look at Boson. I've had bad experiences with Boson products in the past, so I was a little wary, but they offered a sampling of their test questions. I decided to go ahead and give them a chance, and bough their ExamSim for the CCIE Written, and I was not disappointed. The questions on the practice exam were very representative of what I faced on the real exam.

    So in the end, what I'm basically saying is thus - Either company should do you good, if you have a personal preference for one company or the other, go with your gut. While there's certainly a possibility that individual products could end up being sub par, on the whole, either company is reputable and worth your money.
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    virtual labs (simulators) or the practise exams ?
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