ICND1 this morning

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Well, I'm leaving shortly to take the exam. I feel prepared, but you never really know for sure until you see the score at the end. Using Odom/Lammle/Bryant plus my home lab for resources. If I don't post back later, you can safely assume I bombed it and am consoling myself with a nice break from all things digital. icon_cool.gif

Either way, happy Friday, folks.


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    Good luck! Let us know how you do!
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    925. The exam was fair except for a couple of fairly vague questions that really could have gone a couple of different ways. Still, no complaints here. I'm glad that I spent so much time practicing subnetting--most of the questions involving this were free points, just automatics. Not sure where I went wrong on WLAN's, but I didn't see many questions regarding them.

    Breakdown was:
    93% Describe operation of data networks
    89% Implement a small switched network
    100% Ip addressing scheme
    80% Implement small routed network
    67% WLAN admin tasks
    100% Identify security threats
    100% Implement / verify WAN links

    Anyway, going to spend some time this afternoon looking at WLAN info, then hit ICND2 material. Can't wait to start labbing ospf/eigrp and delving into acl's. It's really kinda sad, but I love this stuff. I may never work directly with this technology, but I can guarantee you that I intend to keep working with it at home. I'll be like the guy with the ham radio hobby or whatever--it might not be what I do for a living, but I sure plan on enjoying it.

    While I'm here, credit where it's due: thank you to the numerous posters on this forum that have taken the time to explain things and post so much info about labs, study materials, subnetting info, etc., etc. I haven't posted much in this forum, but I've gained a HUGE amount of info from searching through this site. Half the google searches on cisco subject matter turned up a thread or two here, so that alone speaks to the wealth of information that's here. Cheers, folks.
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    Congrats! You get a double-whammy today. It's FRIDAY and you passed your exam, what a way to enter the weekend!
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    I just bought my 1st Cisco book today and have been reading a few of the notes on here for starting on the CCNA route.
    I'll be taking it in two parts as well, best of luck with part 2icon_study.gif
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    Thanks, all. Yeah, it's a great way to start the weekend. Already most of the way through the 1st chapter on ICND2, but I'll probably chill out the rest of the day after I get done working out. Time to spend some quality family time.
    bson wrote: »
    I just bought my 1st Cisco book today and have been reading a few of the notes on here for starting on the CCNA route.
    I'll be taking it in two parts as well, best of luck with part 2icon_study.gif

    Thanks for comments. If you have the cash, I'd recommend picking up Chris Bryant's material as a supplement to whatever you're using. It's pretty down to earth and can be helpful. Also, take some time getting subnetting down. Here's a great site I used to prepare for mine, includes static and variable length subnet masking: Practice Subnet Skills: Summarize a VLSM Network Good luck. :)
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on passing!
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    Congrats! I went the two exam path as well for whatever reason. Good luck on part 2!! Keep up the same study habits and I'm sure you'll nail it.
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