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I Passes ICND1 today with Score 900, I had 15 min left before the end of the exam! it was really fare for the topics covered for this exam.. CCENT/CCNA/todd lammle was great, CBT vedios/Jermey was cool, alot of labs on GNS3 and PT (I don't have home lab yet), and SUBNETTING-SUBNETTING-SUBNETTING..wow.. a BIG THANKs FOR YOU TECHEXAM..

I'm now diving it to ICND2 but not sure about the materials.. Any advice will be great..
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    Congrats on your pass! As far as study materials anything and everything I guess.. Cisco Press Odom book, Lammle book, cbt nuggets, google, etc. Mainly just keep reading and when you're stuck on a topic try and search the info from different areas.. Sometimes its just the way someone explains something that makes it click.
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    Congrats! I'm using Odom's ICND2 book, along with Bryant's $25 study guide. Also, check out the link someone else posted about the free INE CCNA videos (free to stream through January). I'd also recommend the CCNA Portable Command Guide. It's pretty handy. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys for replies, ya I working on Todd CCNA now after that I will start with odom ICND2, but really not sure about the lab, is it important to setup a home lab in this step?since i'm working on the GNS3 and PT, I want to save some money to buy a good equp. for the CCNP studying..
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