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A friend of mine is looking for an online/cloud back up solution for his buisness.

He has a law firm so its only looking to back up the shared folders which are about 50-60gig in total.

And they are running SBS 2011.

Any one have any suggestions as to what they could use? They are UK based and idealy need a encrypted service, and as they are only a small firm not soem thing two expensive.

They dont want to run from the cloud just have it as an of site back up.


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    We offer a hosted online backup solution at work.
    That sort of of data volume would be approx £200 setup & around £35 a month. (not touting for business but it give them a guide on what it costs).

    What sort of backup are they looking for (files & folders, exchange, SQL DB's, full image based backups for DR)? I may be able to find some other solutions for you
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    ive had good luck with

    Online Backup
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