topology and console computer suggestions ?

GOZCUGOZCU Member Posts: 234
Hello everyone,

I have purchased a lab for my CCNA and CCNP studies.

This lab consist of these materials.
2x Cisco 2620XM
1x Cisco 2610XM
2x WS-C2950-12 Switch
2x WIC1T
1x NM 4 A/s
2x DB 60 back to back Cable
5x CAT 5 Cables
1x Console Cable
6x Power Cable

My question is, I am open to your suggestions for the topology which will provide me the best studying condition( i know i have to change it time to time). I am looking for minuses and plusses of some topologies which will be good enough for CCNA. (any book recommendation will be appreciated too).

My second question is, I am using a macbook but for my lab, i prefer to have a desktop computer. what is your suggestions again? mac or win environment ?

P.S. questions maybe are "dumb" in some way.....


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