Going to sit the ICND1 exam soon.

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It's finally my time to shine (fingers crossed).

I was going to go with the one-test-wonder pursuit, but I found myself dragging along most of my studies. I've been watching CBT nuggets like no other and absorbing most of the information. Before I even started with CBT nuggets I got hold of a 2610xm router and I was unable to do ANYTHING on it. Now after a couple months of light studying I can do pretty much anything you'd need to do on the ICND1 exam.

The reason for me not going for the 640-802 is just due to my knowledge (or lack of) with things like VLSM and OSPF, I haven't really got a grasp on that yet and I think I'd do well on the 2 test route anyway.

I don't work with cisco equipment much, but I can answer any subnetting questions without having to think too hard. I thought that was going to be a really hard topic for me to study (I even skipped past them on my first couple of weeks going through CBT Nuggets). Now I have gone through them, mastered it and can do it easily, I feel as though I'm ready.

I have a pretty decent lab (you can check on the lab pictures thread). I just need to sit down and lab, lab and lab some more. I have asked my fiancee to go and 'break' my network for me and see if I can fix it. :) I told her no weapons, just unplug stuff and plug things into different places.

I'm probably going to book it for the 17th of December. Going to drive to Tulsa and make a day of it. Hopefully I pass! It'll be a good day if I do. I'm dropping my fiancee off and the mall and then taking the test and then going to the cheesecake factory :) yum.

Just my little plan for the next month.

Has anyone else thought they'd take the 802 and then decided to take the 2 test route?
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    Your story is similar to mine. Same reasons I went with the two exams. Best of luck. No matter what the outcome is Cheesecake Factory will make it a good day.
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    I always give this advice to anyone taking the CCENT/CCNA exams:
    The best advice: since the testing center will give you either scrap paper or a small erase board for working out problems, jot down the subnetting table from /16 - /32 and any other acronym or piece of info that comes to mind before you start the test. The less time you waste looking for or trying to recall something the better.icon_study.gif

    Some tidbits of info:
    Last Minute Revision - Cisco CCNA Certification

    Good luck and whether you pass or fail-keep at it!!!!!!!!icon_thumright.gif
    NEXT UP: CompTIA Security+ :study:

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    Your fiancee knows IOS and some networking? Epic, man.

    I never thought of taking the entire test, especially because the curriculum for school was 2 years. The instructors made it "ok" to learn, but found myself struggling throughout the courses. At the time, I was wishing I could take 4 parts (lol jk). Now though, I'm confident. The first one went by smoother than I imagined, and the second half I'm taking next week.
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    MrRyte wrote: »
    I always give this advice to anyone taking the CCENT/CCNA exams:

    Perfect advice right there, that's exactly what I did in the first 15 minutes you get before the exam...write up a big subnetting table!

    I think the aim is to be able to subnet off the bat in 30 seconds or less anyway...

    Good luck on the exam mate!!
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    We are in the same exact boat. I'm booked for ICND1 on Dec 16! I understand just about everything except I think I'm still subnetting too slow. Some subnetting questions take me longer than others. My plan for the next couple days is to do all the questions in the back of each chapter from Wendell Odoms book and continue practicing subnetting. Maybe do a couple more RIP/Static routes on packet tracer. I am super nervous but we'll see what happens. I wish you the best of luck bro.
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