Question on T1 Verilink Access 2000

I'm putting a lab together messing around with different technology and got these two different Verilink Access 2000 boxes. These are T1 boxes and I have them configured using ESF and B8ZS coding. However both boxes are set as DSU's in the configuration which means they are both providing there own clocking signal. Is this possible because everything is working. I just thought one had to be set to a CSU and the other as a DSU? I'm a little new to this technology. Any would be greatly appreciated in the setup.



  • dan87951dan87951 Member Posts: 107
    Bascially my question is on timing. How do 2 T1 Verilink boxs get there timing when one end is connected via a Adtran T3 box and the other end is connected to a Cisco router? Im having a hard time finding an explanation on this. They are currently set to "DIU Clock net".

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