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I'm having problems understanding how the term DCE and DTEs is used. Please explain the definition.

Lammles book is vauge in its usage of this term.

A gatrillion thanks!


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    THe own and dirty dfference

    DCE provides clocking DTE does. The DCE side will have a clockrate command on the serial interface.
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    If 2 routers wants to communicate together they need some link, for example serial WAN link (Ethernet link don't have clock). Data is transfered over this cable at some frequency and that is "clock". If one device will communicate at speed 64k bits per second and other at 128k bits per second it would not work. Therefore one device is "boss" (DCE) which tell second router (DTE) at which frequency (clock) they will communicate. For example DCE is ISP router and DTE is your router. You can set this clock by command "clock rate xxx" in the interface mode.
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    DCE: (Data Communication Equipment) provides clock rate when connecting two routers.
    DTE: (Data Terminal Equipment) receives the clock rate.
    Clock Rate: How fast the router can send data.

    In real life you would connect a V..35 Serial calble to a CSU/DSU.
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    I don't know if I ever fully grasped the concept, but I just remember that a your cable modem and DSL modem are DCEs and everything else is a DTE basically. I don't think they will test you on what's the DCE or DTE at the service provider becuase you're only focused on the customer side. Since you're dealing with an enterprise, the DCEs will be the CSU/DSU device either as an interface inside the router or the external CSU/DSU that the edge router connects to. If you know that much you'll do fine on the exam for this topic.
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    basically ;

    it is the same cable ;

    one side is DTE and other side is DCE

    in other words; one side is male other side is female;

    when you connect 2 router to each other. you should define the clock rate at the DCE part to make them communicate to each other. . You can call this cable DB-60
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    Very nice Link thank you.
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