self study training methods?

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Hi all,

I was wondering what self study training methods you use to teach your self?

so far I am reading a chapter and then follow it by a video from CBT nugguts in between I make notes, then depending on the topic i would try and lab it
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  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    I have studied for exams two opposite ways.
    1) I have read through one entire book and then another entire book, then done all videos and, finally, labs.
    2) I have also picked a topic (such as OSPF or IPv6) and studied through all the materials (books, videos and labs) for the topic, then switched to another topic.

    Even though it would seem like a better plan to do #2, that hasn't been the case for me.
    For whatever reason, #1 seems to work better and faster. Maybe it's learning a topic, and then getting away from it for awhile and then learning it again from a different source. I read once that people retain more about a topic each time they forget it and relearn it.

    Either way, I always save practice questions for the end. That way, I get accurate scores rather than getting questions right because I have had them before.
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    read , take notes , watch and take notes then summerise the notes then write flash cards
    then lab lab lab
    rinse and repeat

    Thats what I try to do. Always seem to take to many notes

    Using a flashcard program with spaced repition helps me a lot.
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    1 ) watch CBT nuggets

    2) take notes at the same time

    3) then (really then) read Todd Lammle CCNA book ( do not miss any details)

    4) if you have a real lab, that would be perfect; if not packet tracer or GNS3 is a great solution too

    5) ready to go for the exam...
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    Check out Free CCNA Workbook » Lab Workbook for some practical hands on with GNS3.
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    The way I go about it is basically use Safari books online and evernote to read about a particular topic, followed by RFC or research within Routing TCP/IP vol 1 and vol 2. This is followed by INE CBT's (great resource) and labs, Finally CBT nuggets to ensure that I have understood the core concepts well.
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