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Am trying to do an intensive month long study for the CCNA so I can have it before a job fair on 6/6. I test good on concept/definitions but am worried about the sims, anybody want to say about how many to expect?? It seems that even if you ace all other parts, messing up the sims can fail you. Thx


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    Unless you already have hands-on experience and knowledge of wide area networking, I doubt very seriously that you'll be able to pass the CCNA exam by studying for a month. There is just too much information for you to absorb within that amount of time.

    With that being said, the CCNA exam will contain between one to two SIMs.
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    thanks, I'll just keep studying and will retake if necessary
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    if you squeeze out your CCNA in a month I will be so pissed icon_twisted.gif
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    But consider this, studying for the CCNA IS my job right now, I gotta get a job!! :)
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    Just because you can pass the exam doesn't mean you'll get a job. Working with the routers on a sim is not the same as working with the real deal. You miss the wiring aspect of it when you use a sim. Trust me, there is alot that can go wrong when it comes to wiring up the equipment. Don't get me wrong the CCNA cert will look nice but with no experience with the equipment you'll have a hard time landing a job. Unless, of course, you've been working with the equipment for a while.

    Best of luck
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    Thanks for the feedback, took it today mainly to get over the test anxiety and did fail. Thing is I think I did ok on the sim. I need to get a better grasp of subnetting and troubleshooting. Well back to it....
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    You need to be 101% ready before you register for the CCNA exam. I failed it twice already but last time i was so close to the point that i assumed i had passed. I would have sworn the testing program erred. At the moment i perussing thru the objectives and strategising to make a kill. Just keep on studying and you'll do fine next time.
    Good luck.
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    Wow, I wish I was rich and able to pay 125.00 everytime I felt like taking a test without studying. icon_eek.gif
    I think paying that and not having a good chance at passing is a waste of money. I know there is not a 100 % chance you'll pass even if you study, but I'd rather study and have a better chance then waste all that money. But, then if I were rich, what's 125.00 anyways icon_confused.gif:
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