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I have found that there are three areas you should focus on in studying for the INTRO part of the CCNA.

1) Working with equipment through a CLI - Im OK here
2) IP addresses and subneting - Im OK here
3) The small facts - ehh...

Anything that pertains to a concept or procedure I can pick up rather easy. However, memorizing the million little details and charts is a problem. I have taken about 5 different practice exams, all of which are a little different. I score 50%-80%, and its the little facts that are hurting me.

Has anyone found a way to pick up these details short of reading the whole book over and over? I have considered making flashcards, but it feels like I would have to make several hundred to include all the information that COULD be on the test.


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    I don't know that this is really something to contribute to this thread however, I know what you are talking about. The little things are hard to study because they are boring and its very hard to get any motivation going. When learning commands and stuff like that its kind of exciting to be picking up something new to work with, but just remembering a bunch of facts sucks. The only thing I can tell you is what I've done. I'm MADE myself sit down and read these parts over and over. Most of the time I'll read one paragraph twice in a row to get something to sink in. I've sat here mad/bored so many times I can't count. So if nothing else, you aren't alone.
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    I was exactly the opposite of you when I recently really started going after my CCNA. I had studied off and on for years, and I had exposure to the small details constantly with other tests. Im really good with remembering lots of small details. My problems were CLI, which I overcame by just getting the equipment, and subnetting was my hugest hurdle. AFter I passed the subnetting hurdle I really gained a ton of confidence.

    Keeping on the reading (over and over if you have to, some people just have to do that) and practice exams should burn it in your head with time.
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