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Find below our Linux+ TechNotes, written by Drew Miller, (Drewm320) and our Microsoft forums moderator sprkymrk.

icon_arrow.gif Disks, Partitions, and Filesystems (DW)
Covers disks, primary, extended, and logical partions, LVM, file systems and related command utilities.

icon_arrow.gif Processes(DW)
Covers running, managing, and scheduling processes, process I/O, and redirecting output.

icon_arrow.gif Users and Permissions(DW)
Covers users, groups, managing permissions and ownership and advanced file permissions.

icon_arrow.gif Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting(DW)
Covers performance monitoring and logging, and hardware troubleshooting.

icon_arrow.gif Software Installation(DW)
Covers software installation, obtaining source code, and managing and installing RPM, tar, and gzip packages.

icon_arrow.gif Bash and the Shell Environment(DW)
Covers bash shell, directory navigation, vi editor, and bash scripting.

icon_arrow.gif Networking Basics(DW)
Covers network interface configuration, network connnectivity tools and basic network services.

icon_arrow.gif Network Services (sprkymrk) *new*
Covers installing and configuring DNS, Apache, FTP, Sendmail, SAMBA and DHCP.

Feel free to reply to this post with any comments, questions, and suggestions.


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    Drew, our new TechNotes author, wrote some excellent new TechNotes for the Linux+ exam about processes:

    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/processes.shtml

    It covers the following exam objectives:
      2.11 Identify, execute, manage and kill processes (for example: ps, kill, killall, bg, fg, jobs, nice, renice, rc) 2.12 Differentiate core processes from non-critical services (for example: init, [kernel processes], PID, and PPID values) 2.22 Schedule jobs to execute in the future using "at" and "cron" daemons 2.23 Redirect output (for example: piping, redirection)
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    Drew delivered some new Linux+ TechNotes: 'Users and Permissions'

    It covers the following exam objectives:

    DOMAIN 2.0 Management

    2.6 Modify file and directory permissions and ownership (e.g., chmod, chown, sticky bit, octal permissions, chgrp) using CLI commands
    2.7 Identify and modify default permissions for files and directories (for example: umask) using CLI commands
    2.20 Create, modify, and delete user and group accounts (e.g., useradd, groupadd, /etc/passwd, chgrp, quota, chown, chmod, grpmod) using CLI utilities

    DOMAIN 4.0 Security

    4.2 Delete accounts while maintaining data stored in that user's home directory
    4.6 Set process and special permissions (e.g., SUID, GUID)
    4.11 Given a set of security requirements, set password policies to match (complexity / aging / shadowed passwords) (for example: identify systems not shadow passwords)

    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/users_permissions.shtml
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    Sounds good. I will definitely check it out. I am trying to take my test in about a month and i need some new study materials.
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    I uploaded some new TechNotes by Drew Miller for the Linux+ exam:

    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/performance.shtml

    It covers the following exam objectives:

    DOMAIN 3.0 Configuration
    3.10 Configure log files (for example: syslog, remote logfile storage)

    DOMAIN 5.0 Documentation
    5.1 Establish and monitor system performance baseline (for example: top, sar, vmstat, pstree)
    5.4 Troubleshoot errors using systems logs (for example: tail, head, grep)
    5.5 Troubleshoot application errors using application logs (for example: tail, head, grep)

    DOMAIN 6.0 Hardware
    6.2 Diagnose hardware issues using Linux tools (for example: /proc, disk utilities, ifconfig, /dev, liveCD rescue disk, dmesg)

    Happy reading!
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    I just uploaded some more TechNotes for the Linux+ exam covering the exam objectives below.

    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/softwareinstallation.shtml

    1.9 Manage packages after installing the operating systems (for example: install, uninstall, update) (for example: RPM, tar, gzip)

    2.8 Perform and verify backups and restores (tar, cpio)
    2.13 Repair packages and scripts (for example: resolving dependencies, repairing, installing, updating applications)

    3.4 Configure the system and perform basic makefile changes to support compiling applications and drivers
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    We just added some new TechNotes for the Linux+ exam covering bash shell, directory navigation, vi editor, and bash scripting:
    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/bash_shell.shtml

    It relates to the following exam objectives:
    DOMAIN 2.0 Management

    2.3 Create files and directories and modify files using CLI commands
    2.5 Create linked files using CLI commands
    2.19 Create, modify, and use basic shell scripts
    2.15 Perform text manipulation (for example: sed, awk, vi)

    DOMAIN 3.0 Configuration

    3.12 Set up environment variables (for example: $PATH, $DISPLAY, $TERM, $PROMPT, $PS1)

    Feel free to add suggestions/comments/thoughts icon_wink.gif
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    I just uploaded some new TechNotes for the Linux+ exam, written by Drew Miller, covering basic networking with Linux:

    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/networking.shtml

    It covers the following exam objectives:

    - 1.10 Select appropriate networking configuration and protocols (for example: inetd, xinetd, modems,Ethernet)

    - 2.14 Monitor and troubleshoot network activity (for example: ping, netstat, traceroute)
    - 2.17 Perform remote management (for example: rsh, ssh, rlogin)

    - 3.1 Configure client network services and settings (for example: settings for TCP/IP)
    - 3.7 Configure a Network Interface Card (NIC) from a command line
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    I just uploaded new TechNotes for the Linux+ exam, written by our very own Microsoft forums moderator sprkymrk :D

    Network Services
    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/technotes/linuxplus/network-services.shtml

    It covers installing and configuring several of Linux' primary network services, and in particular the following Linux+ exam objectives:
    3.2 Configure basic server network services (for example: DNS, DHCP, SAMBA, Apache)
    3.6 Implement DNS and describe how it works (for example: edit /etc/hosts, edit /etc/host.conf, edit /etc/resolv.conf, dig, host, named)
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    These Technotes are awsum! Thx icon_cool.gif
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    I added a resources thread a while back by the objectives for the 2009 exam. It is not complete at this time but if any member would like to add to it I will place their infor on the top message.

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    nice easy-to-follow guide for Linux Starters
    [part 1-4]
    Programming and Penetration Testing » Complete Linux Tutorial Part 1
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    Great notes these will definitely come in handy for my Linux+ studies. :)
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    Just have to say, I used these notes to learn about linux more than a year back before getting my first linux job. I finally decided to sit the linux+ exam and passed it pretty easily. While I didn't use these notes for my most recent study, I have to say they definitely helped me get a career working as a linux admin.
    Being a sys admin sucks but I love it
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    Anyone have updated notes for the 2015 LX0-101 and 102? (Not the 103 and 104)
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    I thought the 103 and 104 are the updated exams???
    Working on Linux+
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    It is but you can still schedule the 101 and 102. The original post was from 10 years ago, so I'm sure the notes are a bit outdated.
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