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Greetings guys, well it's my first time to join this wonderful forum, and i would be grateful if you could tell me what are the best study materials available in the market to prepare for the CCNA exam, i have been looking around for helpful information regarding this issue but didn't find what i need, kindly advise me. :D


  • NoodsNoods Member Posts: 168 - Cheap, summarized but thorough guide.

    I also used the Cisco Press books by Wendell Odom.
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    Sybex CCNA books is well as Cisco Rress Book by Wendell Olam
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    CBT`s such as Learnkey & CBT Nuggets
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    I second the Sybex CCNA book by Todd Lammle. Get the edition with router simulation, prep exam, and flash cards. It also comes with the entire book in PDF format. This is a well written book IMO. The router simulation is key if you won't have a chance to actually use cisco routers/switches. I was only able to use cisco routers/switches for about a total of 3 hours in school, all my other education has been based on routersim. Goodluck.
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    CCNA Cisco press is FULL OF MISTAKE, it is better to use the sybex CCNA 4th edition
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    I used cisco press with no problems.
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    I third the Sybex CCNA book by Todd Lammle. The flash cards will really show you if you're ready for the exam. In the first cd that comes with this book if you look in the cd you'll find a folder called CertSim. In this folder there is a great test engine that is very much like the real 640-801 except it is a lot more easier. It even has simulator questions! It's just a demo though. Also when studying for the exam I used Cisco Press CCNA network simulator. This simulator is kind of buggie. Like when using OSPF, ISL, 802.1Q and some others. It still helped me pass the exam. I think the best thing to get is a cheap 2500 series router off of ebay. Just make sure its not running some old IOS like 11.1.
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