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I'm new to Frame Relay. I'm just wondering that: Is it possible to configure a router to control both Frame Relay and Internet leased-line connection?

pls. help me answer this!



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    Hi Typn,your question is very vague, but the answer is yes.You can have multiple different protocols running on different interfaces on you router so you can provide all types of service.You can even have your FR connection work like a leased line by have a service category of "Real Time" and your CIR=Bc, thats commited information rate equal to commited burst size.
    Keep in mind if you do this you will use alot of overhead so probably you would be better to use just plan old circuit switching.
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    ...and Congrats on you CCNA pass (as I've just read the post about your exam).

    Could you tell me more:

    1. If site A is connected to site B via Frame Relay, and site B is connected to Internet --> users in site A also can be connected to the Internet (via site B), right? (

    2. If site B is protected from threats (Internet!!! you know, many threats), then site A can also be protected??? What will I have to consider in order to maintain the WAN connections?

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    1. Yes users in site A can access the internet once a route is configured.I can only comment about the drawing you gave as i dont know your exact ip network, but if it is only what is in the drawing i would configure a default route in RouterA towards RouterB.

    2. I would say yes, if the person who configured RouterB did their job right,there should be an access-list on the ingress port comming from the internet so therefore SiteA should have the same protection as SiteB.
    Maybe you will have to create an extra NAT pool on RouterB to include the IP addresses of the hosts on siteA which you would like to access the internet.


    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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    Thanks for your help!
    I just want to design a WAN just for learning. Pls. take a look at the new diagram:
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