How long did it take you?

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Hello everyone. Well, I finally have gotten started studying for CCNA. But it seems with so much material, it might take me quite awhile, maybe even the summer to feel comfortable enough to schedule Intro then ICND later. Anyway, I'm curious, how long did any of you study to capture your CCNA? And how did experience make a difference in your quest? I occasionally work with Cisco 5500's running ATM LANE, but the routers are mostly just "show" based and I don't configure anything, cept for maybe shutting down and reactivating PVPs. Any comments? icon_cool.gif


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    I completed my intro with about one month of consistent study, at least 2 hours a day. Thats with working full time and family as well. We shall see what happens with the ICND, I am thinking probably 3-4 weeks.

    Best advice, get the VLSM out of the way now before you go any further, I can recall how many times I staretd studying, got to VLSM, got beat, took half a year off, rinse, repeat icon_lol.gif
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    I started studying for CCNA from September , when I joined the Cisco Academy.It is difficult for me to study every day because I am also student of law university. The road to ccna of course is not easy ,Johnnynodough is right , if you don't understand VLSM , obtaining the CCNA is very difficult. Get your intro first and then focus on getting icnd.
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    The amount of time it takes to prepare is very "individual independent." The key is to BE prepared. For example: if you work with Cisco devices daily, it will take you less time to prepare than if you have never touched one.

    Do not try to take the test until you are answering all (or 95%) of your test prep questions correctly and until you can configure a router AND switch without notes. So if that takes you a six days or six months, get yourself prepared before you go.

    And remember it is only hard if you don't know the answers.

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    mikeyoung wrote:
    The amount of time it takes to prepare is very "individual independent."

    Exactly. I do not have my CCNA but I am a Network Engineer. I work on routers & switches all day. I'm sure with some brushing up I could go throught the CCNA quit easily.
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