Firefox and Adobe Flash not working out

Novalith478Novalith478 Member Posts: 151
Hi all!

So I've been having this problem recently. When I use Firefox to watch YouTube videos, and I pause the video, the Flash plugin crashes, which is annoying because if it's a longer video and I've paused it at a certain time, then I have to reload the page and let the whole video load again.

This doesn't happen instantly when I pause the video, sometimes it will take 5-10 minutes before it crashes, sometimes I'll pause the video, close my laptop lid and 1 minute later come back, and see the crashed plugin.

I've tried Google searches, but they yield nothing that has worked thus far. I know it's a Firefox problem because it doesn't happen on Opera or IE.

I use Firefox daily and am used to it; I really don't want to switch browsers. I tried getting used to Opera and it still didn't feel right, I don't trust Google enough to use chrome and IE is...well, ****.

Anyone else have this problem or a possible fix? If it helps I am using Firefox 11.0.


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