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My name is Anthony Ingersoll. I just recently purchased a cisco 2600 router. I had to go into password recovery and such to be able to set it up. I had no problem doing that, but where I am running into some potential issues is this:

I plan on setting up Cisco Routers in two locations. The other router that I have is a 1760 router. I know this is a bit outdated and such, but I was wondering if I was still able to use it in my second location and have the two networks communicate back and forth like normal? Any information would be helpful.



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    Two locations as in? Two different locations in the house connected via cat5/6 OR two locations far away from each other where you'll need to route over internet?
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    Not sure if you're setting up a lab, but it seems like two different physical connections. Yes, you can do this through internet connectivity at both locations and through a VPN connection.
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