Trying to setup a voice lab.

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So here is my situation. i am experienced in Cisco Routing, but lack any experience on the voice side.

My question is. i have a Cisco 2811 with IOS 15.1 and CUCME 8.0 installed. Alas, I changed directions in building the lab. i populated the lab with 1760 Vs with no PVDMs. It was mainly price they were going cheaper with serial 2 cards than a 2500 series. My question using call manager express can I access the voice ports off external devices or does the router have to have the voice port installed?

For example buy one PVDM and FXO card and link it as a PSTN gateway to the 2811. I also have a 3810-V3.

All have latest IOS possible.

Lab setup-
3X 1760V
2X 1760
1X 3660
2x cat3550 EMI
2x cat3524XL
2811 and 2851
Cisco MFC 3810 V3

Any advice would be helpful.
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