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Here is my question.. I understand STP but I came across this example and I swear the solution is wrong.

My question revolves around router 1. The picture shows my solution. My understanding is that STP bases its root port decision on path cost based on speed. Therefore the lowest cost link to the root bridge from Router 1 is through the 2 gigabit links, from Router 1 to Router 4 to Root Bridge.

In the solution I read the gigabit port is blocked on Router 1 and the port from Router 1 to the Root Bridge is forwarding. It's a 100Mbps link.. So that 19.. My solution is 8.

Can someone shed some light on this. .It's driving me crazy.

Thank you


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    I just realized I named them all "Router". Brilliant.. Lets change all references to "router" to "switch" and please ignore the brain fart.

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    The only reason I could think is that the port isnt negoiated to 1000mbps?
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    Assuming default settings? If the link is running at 1GBPS, I'd think it'd be the two gigabit links as well. That's assuming they're actually up/up
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    Agreed. Yes link is assumed up and negotiated to 1g. I think it was just a really wrong answer to a practice question. Thanks for the sanity check.
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