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I definitely want to go in the IT direction but I am still not sure which path I want to take. Currently I am a CIS major just starting my sophomore year, I plan on studying for the A+, Sec+, and Net+ to land a help desk job and get my foot in the door in the IT world before I graduate with my bachelors. I do plan to get a masters but I don't know exactly what masters program I should go for. After I graduate I know I'll have to work and gain experience in different areas of IT, but my dream is to be able to own my own business one day. So I guess my question is, what masters/certs/job path should I take to make that dream come true? Again I want to deal with IT, but eventually own a business.


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    I wouldn't even consider getting a masters in IT until you have at least 5 or 6 years experience. I say this for several reason:

    1) With no experience a Masters isn't going to open a whole lot of doors for you in IT. This field is much more experience driven.

    2) Until you know what area of IT you want to work in, you have no way of knowing what area to pursue your masters degree

    3) When you get to the point in your career where a masters degree will help you advance, you will probably already be working for a company that will pay you to get it.
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