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alliasneoalliasneo Member Posts: 186
Anyone with a cisco job, I was just wondering how you went about your first position?

I'm currently in a helpdesk role and I've been looking at some basic CCNA networking engineer jobs but it seems that you always need so much more. They are asking for you to be experienced with Windows Server, Juniper, VPN's, Active Directory.

I mean maybe you don't have to have qualifications in them all but it's hard to try and gain all of this experience?

I also feel that I've spent all this time on the CCNA if I start to learn a Microsoft cert or something else my Cisco knowledge is gonna slip. On the flip side I think, have I got enough knowledge to go after a job as a network engineer.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly welcome.


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    HackedAliasHackedAlias Member Posts: 34 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I'm in my first 'Cisco' position. I am a NOC engineer for a cisco gold partner and coming in I was working on CCNA and I can say that in my position we may have issues that span across servers/network or what have you. We have to get into servers a lot just depending on client needs so for me I learned the server side just because I had to for the whatever tickets I had. Coming into this with server background would have been a tremendous help and saved tons of time, since I came in with none. So, if you have an opportunity I'd say do what you can but I'd get CCNA knocked out first and just learn what you can cause that is a very valuable piece of the job.
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