Interesting article for those attending WGU

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    Holy cow ... Over $500k and she got 8 days and the rest suspended.
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    Any had to pay back like $550,000. And if the prosecution was smart they made it so she couldn't file bankruptcy on it. Meaning if she spent it, she'll be paying it back for the rest of her life.
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    There are countless examples of politicians doing the same thing more or less (I'm looking at you Thaksin Shinawatra!) what she really should have done was emigrate to some country where $500,000 would last her a lifetime (like Thailand or Panama) and there was very little chance of being deported. Not that I would condone her actions.
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    What a lame way to steal money. Any accountant worth their weight would look over those books and see a huge discrepancy in the GL vs the bank statements. Seriously, accounting gets very complicated and things can become very difficult when trying to find errors (and theft). Her scam was ridiculously obvious. Makes me wonder who the heck is signing off on the tax returns with over 150K a year unreconciled.

    She's getting away with it though. She can sell the house and if she's lucky (which she has been so far) then she'll get something like 1.2mil, pay back the 550K, and make 650K off the house. Then she'll get hit with the attorney's fees, end up with 200 hours of community service, and end up with 100K left over. Too bad she didn't get a 5 year sentence or something.
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    Sad thing is depending on where she bought the house it may be protected from bankruptcy if she claims it at her primary residency. She could file then get to keep it, if she is in a debtor friendly state they will have a hard time getting anything back. Getting the judgment is the easy part collecting is the hard part.
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    For the "Douche" who gave me negative rep on this post why don't you be a man and leave your name next time. Also how about next time you don't give me negative rep for posting an article that may interest people.
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