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I am almost done with my icnd2 studies and planning to take my test in 2 weeks , now , I know that just with my ccna it will be very hard to find a job without previous experience , do you guy suggest me to jump to comptia A+ or a ccna like voice or security or just jump to ccnp ? I am a fast learner and so far I am doing all studies by myself , I will really love to know what you guys think is the best way to go.


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    honestly compTIA would be going backwards... voice or security sound good. CCNP might be a bit of in overkill depending on your experience. having your CCNA will help in moving into networking but your still going to have to start out at help desk/ support role because a company wont trust you with their infrastructure based on a cert alone.

    Me personal I'm going for Microsoft because its everywhere, its only 150 per test and I'm always working with it. alot of companies value Microsoft certs and it shows your not just a networking guy.
    my suggestion is look through the the test objective and if you find it interested pick up a few books or go for the voice or sec those also look pretty interesting as well.
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    Matt333 , thanks for your advice , I been thinking to go the microsoft way with the mcitp , but is like 5 test to get it and I think the whole study will be around 6 months , wuaooo , I know that with the ccna along with mcitp cert will make my cv at a higher level , do you think it will be better to get an inter ? I thinks employers would like that , so that way even if is free I will get experience and then move on more confident.
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    im assuming you mean internship, and yes try to pick up anything you can paying or otherwise. experience will always be king when applying for jobs. good luck
    Studying: Automating Everything, network API's, Python etc.. 
    Certifications: CCNP, CCDP, JNCIS-DevOps, JNCIS-ENT
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    I would first go to a hiring website (indeed, simplyhired) search "NOC" in your area code and see how many jobs come up. In my area, over 100 NOC jobs appear, if that was the case for you...then I would continue on-wards with networking certs (voice/security/CCNP) and keep applying for networking jobs. If only 10-20 jobs come up, then you might want to focus on M$ or Linux certifications for a help desk/support role.
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    I know that just with my ccna it will be very hard to find a job without previous experience, do you guy suggest me to (...) jump to ccnp ?
    Do you suppose CCNP without previous experience makes it easier to find a job?

    I would bother with neither CompTIA (too basic) nor CCNP (pointless without corresponding experience) and focus on getting a good job at this point.
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    I work for a telco on a service desk, and have had a LOT of dealings with the network guys. They all recommend CCNA voice as the next step, because voice is such a massive part of networking today.
  • drkatdrkat Posts: 703Banned
    I'd have to say go out and find a job... get experience and then figure the next step. CCNA is a great starting point for someone with no experience but i dont think it would be easier to find a job with an NP and no experience..
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  • alan2308alan2308 CISSP, MCSA 2008, MCSA 2012, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 1,854Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Another vote to find a job and gain some experience. Finding your first job in the field is tough, but the sooner you start the search, the sooner you'll find it.

    In the mean time, make sure you keep the CCNA knowledge sharp. If you list the CCNA on your resume, you will be asked CCNA questions in an interview.
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    I know its not relevant to the thread but this website is awesome! :D
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    The only portion of CompTIA certs to get would be Security+ but the others are almost pointless to you at this point. Security+ would help get jobs within the DoD sector, maybe look into microsoft side like AD and VM's so you are well rounded.
  • luberguilarteluberguilarte Posts: 112Member
    Thank you so much guys , really ,this community is really helpful , I keep reading and watching a lot of videos from different resources just to make sure that what I am learning is the right thing , Thanks GOD my brain is holding all this new network world theories pretty well , but I tell you, learning alone and without experience, is very hard , but I think it all depends on the interest you put to this , thanks again guys.
  • kurosaki00kurosaki00 Posts: 973Member
    The only compTIA cert I would recommend after CCNA to you is Linux+
    If you dont know how to move well with Linux.
    If you do, skip it, if not, I think knowing Linux is a must for anyone in networking and/or Security (and in systems too).
    If you want to be well rounded like others have said, Maybe a couple of MS certs would come handy.

    Besides that, after you get your CCNA just go out and find a job. It doesnt matter if it doesnt pay well (hopefully it does), You're in for the experience and learning. Gotta climb that ladder.
    Of course, try to land the best job you can.
  • wbosherwbosher Posts: 422Member
    I would highly recommend looking for a job on a helpdesk, particularly for a telco/ISP. You'll get a lot of experience with network related problems, which along with the Cisco certs, will help getting a networking job.

    It's taken a few years but I now have privelidge mode access to most of our clients devices (I work on a service desk), and have permission from the network team to make minor changes and have even been given the opportunity to configure new routers/switches that we are sending out to clients. The pay is not great but the experience is well worth it.
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