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I want to prepare for the CCNA EXAM this year, so I need help.


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    Do you want us to prepare for the exam on your behalf?
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    what kind of coffee you guys like?
    caramel machiato is the best for me.
    If I were to pick a favorite coffee I say cuban coffee!
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    I prefer to sip on a nice cold beer when I'm studying.:)
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    gerger wrote: »
    I want to prepare for the CCNA EXAM this year, so I need help.

    I recommend that you buy some books and you have to be willing to invest some time with this certification. 6 - 8 months if you're completely new to networking. Also, if you are new to networking I recommend that you go the two test route (ICND1+2).

    I'm guessing by the minimalistic post on here I'd say that you probably aren't willing to do so.
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    I'm sure many of us would be happy to help you but you need to let us know what you need help with. Go read the CCNA forums to find out what sort of resources that you can find. Try to find out what you should buy to help you study. One thing we won't do is help you ****. We also don't support materials that help you ****. So if some website tells that you will get a 100% pass.. maybe you should stay away from it or use certguard to make sure its safe to use. CertGuard | IT Certification Exam Security & Integrity

    I suggest starting with these books: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, includes CD-ROM: Exam 640-802 (9780470901076): Todd Lammle: Books

    Practice Subnet Skills: A Place to Practice Your Subnetting Skills

    Remember to have fun when you study.
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    kurosaki00 wrote: »
    If I were to pick a favorite coffee I say cuban coffee!
    When I'm studying, I'll often skip the 'coffee' bit and go straight for the rum. . . and a Cuban, whenever possible. icon_wink.gif

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