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I am researching software developer position. I found Gallaudet website about their IT program and I see the list: software development is one of fields..along with some college websites like Penn State and R.I.T.

I was under impression that IT with BA degree will led you to software development.

But this website Advice for Computer Science College Students - Joel on Software (it's good information, by the way) it mentions Computer Science major takes you to software development.

I applied Penn State last week ago for IT with BA degree and I was focusing on software development. Am I in wrong path or what? Was it suppose be computer science, not IT?

Thanks in advance.


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    halaakajanhalaakajan Member Posts: 167
    Software Engineering and Computer Science is more related to Software Development. Check the curriculum of the course you applied. University and College proffessors can teach you only 20-40% of the topic. but you have to study by yourself. buy a book on any programming language (c++,php,java,c#) to start with and read books on system analysis and design.
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    Just to echo what @halaakajan said - if you wish to get into the IT as a software developer, you best bet is to study computer science. The typical coursework will include classes on algorithms, compiler theory, data structures as the basics. Most software developers do not start off by learning a programming language, usually it's by understanding how to write software. Glad to see that you found Joel on Software. That blog has been around a while.
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    CLEMENTE21CLEMENTE21 Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
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