Passed ICND1 - Mastering Subnetting

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If you guys remember a month ago i posted this thread:

that was right after i failed my first attempt on the ICND1 -

Today i just took the exam again and i passed it with 850 :)
i am excited and happy since i have no Cisco experience i ve always been a sys admin for windows and Linux and i decided to learn Cisco !!

Mastering subnetting is the key point in passing this exam. First time i took this test i couldn’t subnet quick enough it would take me a good 2-5 minutes to figure out the subnetting problem. The second time i took the exam i was able to subnet in my head within 10 to 30 second. i actually used the odoom book to master subnetting.

material used:
odoom 3rd edition
CBT nuggets


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    Don't think you can just sit back and forget it now, subnetting is big in the real world as well. On to ICND2 and VLSM...icon_wink.gif
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    Nice! Way to stick with it. Seriously, I think all people can learn subnetting if they practice it daily and solve problems. After awhile it's just second nature. But I remember when I was struggling with it big time.. thought I'd never really get it down. Great job, keep the momentum going
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    My friend congratulations , now don't take a party to celebrate it , YOU ARE NOT DONE YET AND NEVER WILL , don't take a brake my friend because it will be harder to remember all the details that your brain is holding now , believe me , keep it up now to the Icnd2 and then when you pass it then you can partyyyyyyyyy hard , I tell you this because I am in your shoes right now , studying very hard to take the icnd2 by the end of next month, congratulations again it's a big huge step.
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