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I work for an independent cisco reseller. My boss mentioned to me some time ago he will pay for me to get ccnp/ccnp-sec and ccie training/exams. He said depending how things go with business he is interested in providing service/support since many of his customers ask if we provide it. Im using this place as a stepping stone to go to an actual partner if we do not grow as he expects.

It sounded great at first but im wondering today what if i get the ccie and we never expand or offer that service. Only real networking work I suppose i'll be doing is a project i was given to do a full migration over to voip on a cisco backbone that i will be installing/configuring. I am a lead of a team of techs. If no career growth is made in the next 2 yrs or so I will look for greener pastures.

My question is lets say if I obtain my ccie and i choose to look elsewhere in the future. How will employers view me as a paper cert? I wouldnt be applying for ccie level positions but its like i'll have my phd in medicine but i wouldnt consider myself a doctor.

any and all feedback greatly appreciated


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    It takes a lot to go from re-seller to authorized Cisco service provider so you have to have a team of Cisco-fluent professionals around you and that doesn't seem to be the case from what you're saying. Providing Cisco service is a highly competitive field so your boss needs a reality check as to whether or not he can make his business competitive instead of just keeping the status quo. If he wants to go the route of becoming a service partner, he has to invest a lot of time and money in training employees in-house with hardware and experienced trainers as the certs do not cover what you really need to know for on-the-job success.
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    Well I dont know the details on what he plans on doing yet but I know alot of "3rd parties" offer service contracts. But the reality is I dont think we will get to that point. I have no problem taking the opportunity in paid training and exams saves me alot of money. But my question is how will i look out in the job market.
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    If I saw your resume I doubt I'd even contact you for a high level position. There are things that only come with time. Seeing various things go wrong and blow up over the years is invaluable to working in any kind of engineering or design role.

    On the other hand I'd be very hesitant to hire you for lower/mid-level work as well. Lets face it, if you have a CCIE you are looking for nothing but a stepping stone and will jump as soon as that senior level position comes along.

    I think its a pretty tough dilemma with getting the free training. I always give the advice to not get the certification until you have some sort of experience to back it up. If you don't think your job is the place that you are going to get it you should be looking to move on now, not using their training budget up and possibly end up owing them money if you do find something better.
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    Well like i stated when the time comes i wouldnt be looking for a high level position maybe more of a jr/mid position. I would prefer to work in a team environment with like minded individuals. I mean more then likely i may even considering omitting that cert on the resume. This is more of a hypothetical conversation of a what if situation. As i am nowhere near that level yet. I started 4 months ago dont intend on moving on just yet more so a year or so of course depending on how things go. My manager told me in private he likes the idea of the training but he said if he was in my shoes he wouldnt want to feel like he owes anyone esp the boss.
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    Take the free training as long as it doesn't come with long term repayment terms. Either they will keep you busy utilizing your new training or you will use it at your next job.
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    Thats what i was thinking to take advantage of the opportunity and there wont be any repayment terms.
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