difference in job requirements with AS and BS

I was looking around job postings few days ago networking mostly and seen a few postings looking for someone with a BS and 2 yrs experience or AS with 4 yrs of experience. Why the big difference of experience requirements for the 2 degrees? What would make a candidate with a BS and 2 yrs of exp look more favorable then someone with 4 yrs exp and only a AS? I thought exp is key? Wouldnt the person with 4 yrs exp trump the other person with 2yrs and bs?


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    I would think you are correct. Experience seems to trump everything else when applying for a job in IT. I never really go by those requirements, though. Whether you meet those requirements or not, just apply anyway.
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    i dont think someone with a AS with 2 yrs of exp would be less qualified then someone with a BS and the same experience right?
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    Well if I had to choose between the two based on nothing else, then obviously I would choose the candidate with a BS. But generally speaking, the degree is just a little extra and experience is what really matters. If it came down to a scenario such as the one you mentioned, I'd probably go with whoever has the more relevant experience.
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    I think the idea is they consider the four years spent in school to count towards two years of work experience. Lots of companies/government agencies do the same thing. Also, in a course of four years of study you would have covered more topics then what was covered in two years. If you compared my four years of study to the two years at a local community college, you'd see that I covered more technology based course material. Especially once you factor in all the gen ed requirements that would have been completed for the AS.
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    I would probably hire the person with the BS and 2 years less experience. They have enough experience to work in a production environment and a lot more general knowledge(math, writing, reading, ect) that the other wouldn't get from just work experience. It's easier to train someone in your field than teach them the broad knowledge that a four-year degree offers.

    It really depends on the position though, I could see certain ones wanting the opposite.
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    In IT a college degree is just a piece of paper that gets you a interview. What they teach you in college these days will never translate to what you need at an IT job.

    Now I have a question for you,
    Say you have 2 candidates for a job. one has his Masters in some sort of IT related field and no certs, then you have another candidates with five assoicaites degrees all in IT dozens of certs. Both of them have the same amount of experience.

    who would be the logical choice?
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    It's simply a guide line of what they are looking for. Every job I have ever had 'required' a BS and I don't have any college.
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    Yeah my job required a BS also, turns out competency is a good college degree.
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    Yeah, like I was saying the requirements don't really matter. I look more at the responsibilities and consider whether or not I think I could perform them on a daily basis. A degree can only help you, but if you've got the experience then you probably have nothing to worry about.
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