CompSci Masters or Bachelors Degree?

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So I have about 14 weeks until I graduate with my Bachelors in Information Systems. I want to do my next degree in Computer Science, but the problem is...I don't have nearly the prerequisites needed to get accepted into a Master's program in Comp Sci (lacking both math and programming courses). So I'm trying to decide if I should try to get accepted to a Master's program under conditional status, pending the completion of prerequisite coursework (assuming any schools will even approve this), or should I just do a second bachelor's degree? Any thoughts?


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    Go with master's degree and there is a website out there that offers a lot of information on BS & MS programs. The reason why I'm saying go with Master's is because I'm starting to see companies prefer master's degrees for some jobs. If you're planning on doing another BS degree that doesn't involve math & programming, why not just find a MS program that doesn't require them?
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    There are Masters programs that would not require the CompSci background, but just a programming course or two (I know George Washington University is one). I'd search for a program aimed at career changers as that would probably be your best bet.
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