Experiences with Pinnacle (pinnacle1.com) recruiting?

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Hey all,

Got a call today from someone at Pinnacle recruiting (pinnacle1.com) trying to source a network position. While the conversation seemed mostly above board, I dont have any experience dealing with the group so I figured Id see if anyone out there has.

I wasn't being sold anything or told I had to come in and take some tests or any of the other usual bait & switch tactics ala Robert-Half and the recruiter provided me the name of the end client, a brief overview of the position & expected process (forwarding info/requirements to client, phone interview, in person interview, etc) so all in all it seems good but the hawkish manner in which my resume was picked up and I was called leaves me wondering...

I recently (within the last 24 hours) updated my resume on the job boards since my old one was over 6 months old and due for a refresh. Less than 12 hours later I already had a call from this recruiter with this possible position. Now I know updating your resume moves it to the top of the pile as far as the job boards go which puts it in front of many more people (as evidenced by the 20+ hits its received since being updated) but getting called less than 12 hours after posting it is not something Ive experienced before.

Maybe Ive just reached that point where Im actually in demand? Totally didnt see that coming.

Anyway, just wanted to check to see if anyone here has experience with them and if they're legit or not before I go any further with them. Not sure I will either way since Im generally happy where Im at for the time being and I only updated my resume because I was over my own personal bi-annual refresh period.

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    I have no experience with that company but I can tell you that you need to update your resume once in awhile because your observation is correct! Pretty much every time I updated my resume at careerbuilder.com, I would notice the increased emails offers from recruiters. I believe your resume works very similar to what we see when new jobs are listed by most recent first.
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