ICND1 - Passed!!!

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WOO HOO!!! Second time around and managed to squeeze by with a 812 (needed 804). I was glad to identify my real weak areas so I can go back and review those before I move onto the ICND2 studies.

At this point, I'm just relieved to pass!


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    Congrats!!! It always feels good to get a pass and a cert
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    Congrats! Just barely squeaked it though, eh?

    Did you have any thoughts as to how you were doing as you took the test? For me I had quite a few questions where I was 75% on one answer and 25% another, and at one point thought I was surely going to fail. How did you feel throughout the exam?
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    Nice one!
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    Thanks everyone! These Cisco exams are alot more stressful to me than the Microsoft exams were (mainly because you can't go back and review/change your answers).

    Darthn3ss - I was sweating bullets before and throughout the exam. I thought I still wasn't prepared enough but had forgot to reschedule it.

    The first 5 or so questions I felt really confident on - then I would hit a snag, regain my confidence, lose my confidence, etc. With about 10 questions to go I felt as though I was borderline passing. Of those final 10, I felt great on 5 of them and iffy on the other 5. All in all, I did not know what I expected when I clicked to see my score. I knew I felt better than I did the first time I took the exam but wasn't sure if it was enough. Happily, it was just enough :D

    Also - I ran into several questions where I felt the same as you - I would eliminate all of the possible answers except 2 and would feel 75% on one and 25% on the other...
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats. ICND2 had a few more simulations than ICND1 if I remember correctly. What areas did the print out show were the weak ones?
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    gratz man!
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    Good job! Way to not give up and earn that feeling of passing, oh and the cert :)
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    Well done! :D Celibration is in order I think!
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    Just squeaked by! Congrats!
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    Hey a pass is a pass man!! take a moment to celebrate and then on to the next challenge! Congratulations!!
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