Sdm or no sdm???

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anyone been tested on this in ccent exams? also do exam candidates have full use of ios help during the exams?


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    There is no sdm for the CCENT or CCNA. As far as I know it is only in the security exams.
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    There is SDM for CCENT. It's not much, just be aware of how to navigate it, configure nat and things. It's not a lot of emphasis on SDM, but every point matters.
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    "also do exam candidates have full use of ios help during the exams?"

    I just passed the CCENT two hours ago, so it's still fresh in my mind. Some commands are disabled for certain situations, but I was usually able to use ?. As far as SDM goes, I didn't have any questions about it. However, as the above people have said, it is possible to get one and you should be aware of it.
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