Study CCNA Material while preparing for the CCENT (please read beyond title)?

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I am almost ready for the CCENT (well ready enough to take a shot at it), but due to being out of town I will not be able to sit for the exam. I am getting a little tired of studying the same material over and over, and I am considering taking a look at the CCNA material I have. Is this recommended, if I still plan on taking the CCENT first? I do not want to confuse myself with the additional material, but on the other hand it might make me even more confident with what I have covered already, and plus I have to eventually learn it anyways.

What are your thought? Will it hurt, or be beneficial?

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    If you don't already have knowledge in the field, the new material could cause you to over-think things in the CCENT exam because there are so many added features in the ICND2 material that the CCENT doesn't even consider.

    You could always find out if there is a testing center nearby when you're out of town and take the exam anyway :)
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    I don't think it would hurt really. Just make sure you keep the relevant info for the exam fresh.
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    I started preparing for CCENT by reading Lammle's CCNA book. Skipped a few advanced topics, but read beyond what was required anyway. It didn't hurt.
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    Oh, man. I know that feeling. Studying ahead shouldn't be hurtful, but just don't like lab it up or study religiously. icon_wink.gif I had issues getting my ICND1 scheduled since it was my first time. I had to get an ID and my SSC which I didn't have. So though I was perfectly ready to take it one week, I had to wait another two and a half which gave me a bit of burnout.
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    Thanks all...

    Laughing to myself, I think I need to take a break from studying today, I just started panicking after reading your post thinking "oh no I dont have an ID and SSC" thinking it was something Cisco Issued, and then I realized what you meant lol... :)

    I think I will just dabble in the CCNA material since I already have Odom's book, and I honestly find networking extremely interesting!
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