Where to Start? What do I Need?

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Hi All!

I recently transferred to another property and this one appears to be migrating to Cisco in the near future. I have a pretty strong background working with HP Networking equipment and some exposure to Extreme Networks. I was wondering, what sort of materials should I pick up and what tools, setups, or kits should I purchase to get myself ready for the CCNA and to make myself knowedable enough to deploy this equipment when it gets here later this year?

Also trying to keep costs reasonable since I am still working pretty hard towards my CASP and CISSP.

Please let me know your thoughts.



  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    Since you already have some networking experience, i would recommend either the train signal, cbt nuggets or the exam cam book. Get packet tracer or GNS3 for labs.
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    Thanks sizeon. Do you happen to know what the cost is to get Packet Tracer? Cost to register with the Academy that is...
    The Packet Tracer software is available free of charge ONLY to Networking Academy instructors, students, alumni, and administrators that are registered Academy Connection users.

    PS: I called the local college that "should" be offering classes for this and they had no idea... Cisco has more information than they did... =\

    PPS: Where do I find Cisco IOS images for GNS3? O_o?
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    As far as I'm aware enrolling on the academy isn't cheap because it requires registering with a college where you go for classes.. Mine was free on the other hand because I was at college anyway and the Cisco discovery 1 was part of the course.

    As for Cisco iOS images... This is what I got told "google around" and it's not too hard to find them.
    Combination of GNS3 and Cisco equipment if required.
  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    if you "google around" you can download packet tracer for free.
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