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Hey hi there well I really think this forum will help me out ... the point is I am confused about CISA eligibility the thing is I am graduate wrt 3 years and then 1 year exp in soft development and currently working as infosec analyst so how much exp is needed to do this certification? and what kind of exp is needed and am I eligible to do this certification? and after this what kind of job should I apply? so please provide some jobs descriptions also.. and yes please provide me the procedure to apply to this cert... and please dont tell me to reade the official site coz I am more confused after reading the official siteicon_redface.gif

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    How to Become CISA Certified

    I'm not really sure how to make in any clearer than that.

    Anyone can take the exam. Once you pass, you apply for the certification, which is heavily dependent upon experience and education. No one knows your experience and education better than YOU.

    Interesting quote for the above link:

    "The work experience for CISA certification must be gained within the 10-year period preceding the application date for certification or within 5 years from the date of originally passing the exam."

    So, you have 5 years after passing the exam to obtain the necessary experience to obtain the cert.

    Once you obtain the certification, apply for jobs that utilize your skills, experience and your newly obtained certification.
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