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I need help here, I might sound silly but I had last done any MS exams four years ago and also had not worked in IT for a long time so I have started trying to complete my qualifications again.

I will be sitting for the 70-270 exam I decided to do that first because at my work place we are still using XP and doing the exam would help to make things easier for me at work.

I planning to sit for 290 and 291 after XP so my question is after I finish with XP and 2003 I need to focus more on the new exams like 2008 and above. Is there going to be way of achieving the MSCE using 2008+ qualifications or the titles of the final qualification will not be MCSE?

I know through the forums many have mentioned that to recruiters the MCSE qualification is one the recruiters are familiar with and understand so when it comes to these new titles eg MCTIP it is really hard to make yourself marketable.

What route will be most appropriate for me after MCSA? I plan to move from 1st and 2nd line to more 3rd line and above roles.


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    If you're really wanting to sit for the 2003 era exams, then your best bet is going to be finding the books and other training material you need for the three exams you're planning to take: 70-270, 70-290, and 70-291. Your A+/Network+ combo qualifies as the elective you need for MCSA: Windows Server 2003.

    And it's funny that you should mention the popularity of MCSA/MCSE vs. MCITP, since Microsoft is doing away with the MCITP titles and moving back to MCSA and MCSE. This time the acronyms will be Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. The long and the short of it: most of the MCITP certifications are retiring, but some of the exams are sticking around and being re-worked into MCSA-titled specialties. For example, the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator cert, which was the spiritual successor to the MCSE, is being retired. The MCITP: Server Administrator certification is being changed to MCSA: Windows Server 2008, and I think this should be your immediate goal after finishing up your Server 2003 studies; after that it will be time to think about working towards a Windows Server 2012 MCSE title.

    So, your basic path would look something like this, if you want to start with the Server 2003 cert and move up from there:

    MCSA: Windows Server 2003 (70-270 + 70-290 + 70-291)

    MCSA: Windows Server 2008 (70-648* + 70-646)

    MCSA: Windows Server 2012 (70-417*)

    And for more information on the various paths and upgrades towards MCSE: Windows Server 2012, have a look at the sticky thread in the 2012 forum.

    *(Upgrade exam) - "Futuaris nisi irrisus ridebis"

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    Would you not consider a newer desktop exam? The 70-270 is a toughie, and your company will more than likely move away from XP.
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    Thank you Slowhand for your detailed response and also for fully explaining the options that will be available once I finish my MCSA2003. I think I will take the path that covers 2008 then 2012 because if you jump from 2003 ->2012 I think the differences will be difficult to grasp unless you have been working as an admin.

    I already have all the books for MSCE 2003 but I dont think I will have enough time to do them all before MS retires all them on June 2013.
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    KenC wrote: »
    Would you not consider a newer desktop exam? The 70-270 is a toughie, and your company will more than likely move away from XP.
    I knew the 70-270 is tough but I had left IT Support for web development so now that I have come back to do the support exams I felt it might be easier for me if I do an exam for a software that I am currently working with.

    I will be taking my first attempt on the 270 very soon and its bad there is no longer any 2nd shot so I will have to cough up money again if I fail.
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    I took the 270 and found it to be very easy but I have now been stuck on the 290 which should have been taken immediately after the last exam. I fear 291 because networking is not my strongest but I guess I have to show more intent and desire to finish all the required exams soon.
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    Well, youve got about 6 months left until 290 and 291 retire. If youre still going to do this, you may want to get a move on with it. Study hard!
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