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I've actually been to a few interviews now for multiple places and I'm waiting for results. However, on Tuesday I will be interviewing for an Associate NOC Tech position. Does anybody have an advice on the types of questions that could be asked for this type of role? Or Questions I could ask? My degree is in Networking Technology, I have a CCENT, and I've been through the Cisco Networking Academy program. So my networking knowledge isn't too shabby.



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    My biggest piece of advice isn't tech related- just relax. If more people relaxed, you would be surprised how easier it would be. When I interviewed folk for the Help Desk job here- on paper many looked great. But once they were out of their comfort zone in an interview room- some locked up, some couldn't stop talking, etc. Just relax and it will all be okay. :)

    Just as a side note, if you have the knowledge you say you have- I wouldn't sweat it. You should be fine.
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    Really depends on the NOC - is it Monitoring? or is it a Telco NOC
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    Really depends on the NOC - is it Monitoring? or is it a Telco NOC

    ^^ Agreed. Depends on the level of infrastructure they company monitors. I work in a NOC and I have a buddy that works in one as well. My job is strickly routers and switches while he also monitors servers, mainframes, etc. Like what was said just relax and speak knowledable about what you know. Do try to speak more on what you know little about or not at all. Make sure your resume is accurate and not imbelished. I seriouslly think the reason I landed my job I am at now is not entirely becuase of my professional experience ( I had little networking experience) but I think the managers really clinged to my personality and my drive I expressed in the interview. The technical parts of my interview I would say I didn't 100% nail dead on but there were other parts in me that I think they liked more. Just be yourself and remain professional as well. Take notes and use the interviewer's names when you can. There is a lot more I can say but I think the most important part is for you to remain relaxed and professional. Hope this helps.
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