Hiring ASAP, Scan/Remediation(PC)Technicians, DOD Secret Clearance & Sec+ or Net+

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The turn around for this is fast, this project is with the U.S. Navy and is such short notice and fast moving as they are trying to exhaust some of their budget with a project that had been on the back burner.

[Hiring] Scan and Remediation (PC) Technicians, need an active DOD Secret Clearance and a Security+ or Network+, start next week, The Navy Yard, Philadelphia (just Sec+) OR Potomac, MD (DC)

• The techs for this job need to have an active DOD Secret Clearance AND the CompTIA Security+ for Philly or the CompTIA Security+/Network+ for DC

• We need people ASAP, they can start as early as this coming Week.

• 14 openings in DC 12-14 openings at the Navy Yard in Philly

• Pay is $20/hr W2 however, you will receive a $5/hr bonus for every hour worked upon completing the project through September 21st.

• Also once you are ramped up to speed you can work as many hours of overtime as you want.

• Here is the description of the position. • Supporting NSWCCD RDT&E Operations Group with their quest to scan and remediate over 1300 RDT&E workstations for all the Technical Code they support prior to September 30. This work with encompass touching each individual workstation/servers, scan the systems, verify the vulnerability status of the system and apply patches as required. Should patches be applied, the system will need to be rescanned before moving on to the next workstation. These tiger teams will support this project for a seven week period (ending on or about September 21) to remediate as many workstations as possible.

I'll be checking this thread all day since this is such an urgent need.

Hopefully this can help somebody on the forum.
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