LSG04-PTSkills7 Nat Pool

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I'm hoping to clear this up, or determine if it is just packet tracer having an issue.
ip nat pool R2POOL netmask
ip nat inside source list R2NAT pool R2POOLip nat inside source static

This is the config on R2 for LSG04-PTSkills7 and although I can do everything it says I need to do to test I am stuck at 98% with it telling me Pool name 1 is incorrect.

It's telling me that the the NAT POOL is
To me, thats network .128 with a range of 4 meaning 129 and 130 are usable addresses and 131 is broadcast. The next range starts at .132.
But it had me assign as a static nat ip address translation. It works, but it confuses me as it seems this should be a broadcast address for the 128 network.

Also, the R2Pool I entered as to because those are the usable addresses in that .128 network, or have I missed something?
To test, I removed above, and entered:
ip nat pool R2POOL netmask
with the .128, and packet tracker gave me 100%
Comments? Thanks in advance.
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