VCP5 Conquered!

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I posted this over on the VMware forums, but I thought I would copy paste my experience here also :)

Last week I passed my VCP5 Exam...

Seriously that was pretty tough. I didn't score great but that doesn't bother me due to it being pretty damn hard and a pass is a pass

To anyone studying for the exam, my best advice is to study extremely hard and like everyone says, know everything on the blue print, I honestly think that everything in the blue print was in a question on the exam somewhere.

A lab is a must have, hands on experience in a production environment is even better, I've been lucky enough to be working with vSphere for a while now and that helped in a big way. I think the more experience you have in the real world the higher you are going to score, without a doubt.

What I used to study:

Various blogs around the web, I think I went to all of the major ones and massive props to the guys that have made them!

VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 Study Guide - Brian Atkins - I burnt through this book really quickly and I thought it was great.

Mastering VMware vSphere 5 - Scott Lowe - There is a reason this is constantly reccomended, I read it cover to cover and it was well worth it.

VMware's own documentation

Yellow bricks articles.

Best of luck to anyone looking to take the exam :D


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    Congrats on the pass! What's next?
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    I wouldn't mind going on to something else but I really need a break from studying ATM. When I'm in the mood to get back to studying I'll be tossing up between VCAP:DCA and CCNP but that will be dictated by what role I end up in since I'm currently looking to change employers.
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    Grats on the pass! I concur on the test not being an easy one, you really got to have labbed it if you dont work on a production environment.

    Maybe do the VCAP5-DCA while all the VCP material is fresh in your brain and even if you dont end up getting the cert, the knowledge gained would be invaluable.
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    Congratz on the pass!
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    Thanks Everyone!

    Essendon: you raise a very valid point, now I need to think about if I want to get into it now while it's all still fresh hhhmmmm
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