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Well, I knew this was going to happen. My company hasn't been doing too well lately and have decided to close my office down. However, we have a rather large office in OKC that they're willing to move me to, expenses included! I thought I was going to lose my job, but the head boss had put in a good word for me. Anyone else here live in or around OKC?
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    Very nice of them to do this. Love when companies go the extra mile to keep good people.
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    okc is a great place to live ... Normand is a nice town to live in
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    Going from beautiful Arkansas to flat Oklahoma is going to be a big difference. Though, there's plenty of opportunities for my wife who graduates with a bachelors in Graphic Design in May.
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    Yeah I don't think I could do that, horribly irrational fear of tornado's. But hey, they are covering moving costs and not letting you go, sounds like a pretty good company to work for.
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