Looking for international MS in IA/IS program

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The IT community is fairly borderless, but international boundaries can still stifle knowledge to some degree. If everyone is taught from the same textbook (or even the same school of thought), then we all start to fall into cookie cutter shapes, leaving security holes that no one notices until a breach. Not to mention that the US is far lacking in defensive security posture compared to other powerful nations. Add to that the fact that the majority of cyber crime, directed at the US, (from what I have been reading) is coming in from outside of the country. Sure, we have some talented hackers, but it's seriously amateur compared to China or even Russia.

All that to say: I'm looking for an online international Master's program in Information Assurance or Information Security. So far I have found 3 programs, in order of preference:

Lulea Institute of Technology

Royal Holloway, University of London

University of Liverpool

There are several US programs that interest me as well, but I would really like something in Europe or Asia. Canada would be an option, but I am pretty sure I have looked through all of those programs.

Has anyone heard of any other Masters programs?

Also, look at this crazy degree I found:
[h=1]Erasmus Mundus Master : PERCCOM (Pervasive Computing & Communications for sustainable development)[/h]You study in 4 different countries, at 4 different schools (although one is just a seminar). It's not quite what I want to be doing, but a very interesting concept that I wouldn't expect to be able to happen logistically in the US.
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