2008, or 2012?

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I'm about to move on to studying Microsoft, and I was wondering about the general opinion about whether to get my MCSA/MCITP in 2008 and do the single-test upgrade to 2012, or just to go ahead and get my MCSA 2012? I'm leaning toward the former, considering 2008 will probably be around for a while still, but I'd appreciate opinions.


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    I too plan to do the 2008 exams as the study material for these tests is plentiful and relatively cheap compared to the 2012 tests.
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    I'd go with your first option. I've only just started the 2008 MCITP:SA / MCSA track (70-640 booked for next month). Personally, it takes me a few years of using the technology to feel ready for the exams.
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    I would recommend doing 2008, then upgrading. You will get value out of having MCSA on multiple versions, and in the short term you will get more value out of 2008 than out of 2012. I doubt we will see 2012 hit 2008 R2's market share anytime in the next three years. If MS releases another Windows version by Q4 2016, we may never see 2012 hit 2008 R2's market share. That's not to say you shouldn't get 2012, but I would highly advise getting 2008 first.
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    Another vote for 2008 first as well
  • SlowhandSlowhand MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2003/2012/2016, CCNA Routing & Switchi Bay Area, CaliforniaMod Posts: 5,163 Mod
    I'm voting for doing the 2008 track first, then upgrading to MCSA 2012. It's four exams to get the MCSA 2008 and upgrade to 2012, as opposed to doing three exams for just 2012. Seems like a no-brainer, to me.

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    Not much to add here...Do the 2008 track, then hit the upgrade.
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    I agree with Slowhand. I just passed my 640 last month and am studying for the 642 now. I plan to upgrade to 2012 after getting my MCITP.
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    I say definitely start with 2008. I made a quick blog entry on this in August.
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    There are many more resources for the 2008 test but many of them are outdated. I would think the 2012 materials would be right on since it is so new. Plus MS has so many resources for free on 2012 right now. It is up to you though.
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