Job offer in Louisville, Ky...any area experts who can help me out?

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It is looking very probable that I will be getting a job offer for a year long contract position in Louisville, Ky. They have already told me they would need me there in about 2 1/2 weeks and I know I have seen a few posts from people in Louisville on here, so I'm hoping you guys can help answer some questions for me.

The position is basically mid level IT project management, not my ideal job,but would give me a foot in the door and it would get me down in the area which is where I want to me. I would be working as kind of a liaison between executives and developers while I finish my degree and I'm assured that there would be room to move later on. Starting salary is going to be around 65k, and I'm having trouble finding info online about if this is about average for the area, any input?

Also, is there anyone willing to give me some advice on Louisville, such as areas to live, areas to stay away from...etc. I have 3 kids in school, so I definitely need to take the school system into account and I know I dont want to live in the city. Any advice would be very much appreciated!



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    I have lived in Louisville since 1997, I'm married to a teacher and we have 3 kids... feel free to PM me anything you want to know...

    I can tell you for certain that 65k is pretty good money here
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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reply. I cant seem to PM, I guess because I havent made enough posts? Can I put an Email address on these boards to contact me? lol
    I did get a formal offer about an hour ago. The offer actually came in at $30/hr (around $62k) and I will be accepting it this afternoon which means I have to start looking at housing, schools, etc. My biggest questions would be areas to live outside the city. I've read Oldham county has good schools, but I cant believe that is the only one.
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    I'm from Louisville as well. What grades are your children in?
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    i'm from Lexington KY here and you should be able to do well with making that much in louisville.
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    nava87 wrote: »
    I'm from Louisville as well. What grades are your children in?

    My kids are in 3rd, 5th and 7th.

    Great to know that it seems to be a decent salary for the area and that there are so many from the area on here. I cant wait to get moved, I'm originally from Northeast Kentucky and cant wait to be back in the state.
    I also want to thank you again for the replies here, any information you can share is very much appreciated. While I know the northeast part of Kentucky, I really dont know much about the Louisville area.
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