Educator who wishes to transition into the IT field.

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Good morning! I currently teach 5th grade math and science but am researching where to begin my journey into the IT field. I have received advice to take the following classes that will earn me a "Computer Programming Certificate"...

Management Information Systems
System Analysis
Programming Logic
COBOL, Beginning
Programing in "C"
Visual BASIC, Beginning
Intro XML Authoring
Visual BASIC, Advanced
Programming in C++
Programming in C#
JAVA Programming
JAVA Advanced

However, in reading throught the forums it seems the recommended certs are A+, Net +, and Sec + to get my foot in the door. Are these for after I have a base in the previously listed computer programming courses? I understand that there are many paths one could take in this field and want to make informed decisions.

Any advise will be appreciated and please let me know if I haven't provided enough background.


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    The A+/Net+/Sec+ path and the path you listed above are for two separate career paths. One is programming focused and the other administration focused. You will have to decide which is for you!
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    Why do you want to get into IT, what do you think you'd want to do and who is giving you advice to get a programming certificate?
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    First, I think it is a career that I can advance and excel in due to how adaptive I am to change and my work ethic. Second, I love technology and learning how to find solutions to problems that my co-workers and I encounter at school. This may be geared more towards the administration side, rather than programming. One of my past student's parents works as a manager or director at Disney and he suggested beginning with C+, but then I might not have been as clear what my interests are. He said that I could transition into an paid internship and then continue my education. When I reviewed the different technotes for A+ and Net+, I believe that is what I'm interested in. Does this make sense?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Sounds like you would enjoy the administration side more and A+, Net+ and Sec+ are great for getting into that. If in doubt take a programming class too and see which you like. It's much better to figure it out at the beginning while it's easy to switch.
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    I definitely think taking some programming along with other things will be beneficial. No matter what side of IT you're in, some intermediate scripting/programming skills will always help. I wouldn't go and do all of those listed though. If you're going to do all that, you might as well just get a CompSci degree.

    Pick a language like C or Python and go through an entire series of books. An intro/primer, an intermediate and an Data Structures book using that language. I would do all of your programming on a Linux box so you get the dual benefit of getting comfortable with Linux while learning programming also.

    Also decide which field of IT you'd like to work in. Generally there's network admin, server/systems admin, web developer, programmer, storage admin, database admin. It's easier to get into the first three initially IMO.

    If you want to get into networking, jump right in and start preparing for CCENT.
    If you want to get into systems admin, jump right in and start on MCSA.
    Or if you find you like Linux so much from programming, you can start on RHCSA instead of MCSA.

    By the time you finish any of those 3 paths, you'll be in good shape between the domain-specific cert and the programming and Linux experience. Give it a year and see what happens.
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    Your comments are appreciated! I guess my next question is where do I begin. Do I purchase the suggested exam study guides as a self-guided approach or are there specific classes at a tech school or online? I'm a quick study and really want to prepare and have a great knowledge base. These are probably silly questions, but since you suggested that I do not need all of the classes listed in my original post I am not sure where to begin. Thanks again for your views. icon_smile.gif
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    Perkville wrote: »
    Your comments are appreciated! I guess my next question is where do I begin.

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